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Hon Man Chinese Medicine Company is an Asian massage therapy studio that offers the most invigorating treatments in all of New York. Hon Man Chinese Medicine Company offers a form of ancient Asian massage called Tui Na that targets and soothes the muscles and tendons. It is a treatment that uses Chinese Taoists and martial arts principles in an effort to bring the eight principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine into balance. There is a method that utilizes brushing, kneading, and rolling to rub the areas and joints known as the eight gates. This will open the body's chi gates and circulate the chi into the muscles. It is a very effective method in bringing on peace within the body and stimulate a more balanced life style. 

One special aspect of Tui Na is the foot massage. Foot massage is a traditional Chinese medical philosophy and has been around for thousands of years. This foot massage therapy can benefit the body from all diseases. The various organs of the human foot has reflective connection that has a consistent relationship with the human body. Western medicine calls this phenomenon "reflexology." This reflective connection can produce a strong stimulation and detoxification if massaged at the correct spot. At the same time the energy of the body would go through a feedback to achieve the treatment effect.

All men and women are welcomed as we have specialists of both genders on the spot so you'll never feel uncomfortable! And don't worry! We are certified by the Traditional Chinese Association of China! 

ChineseTuiNa 按摩是中国民间几千年的文化独特技术。 这能对身体放松精神紧张和肌肉酸痛肩颈背痛有舒筋活络康复疗效。 HonManMassageTherapy 有经验的TuiNa师为你服务. 欢迎各位男女宾客。价钱折扣。


Massage Specials

Take advantage of our fabulous 60-minute massage. and for only $40!! You won't regret it! 

With 10 one hour visits, enjoy one visit free! You can't get this deal anywhere else, so come on down!

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